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The Regutec lockshield is used in pumped warm water heating and air conditioning systems.

Product Information

Radiator lockshield

The Regutec lockshield is used in pumped warm water heating and air conditioning systems.

Technical description

Radiator lockshield for shut-off and regulation. Operation of the shut-off/regulation cone with an allan key size 5 AF.
Versions with female thread DN 10 to DN 20, with male thread G3/4 / DN 15 and Viega press connection with SC-Contur 15 mm / DN 15 in angle and straight form. Length according to DIN 3842.
Sealing on stems by means of EPDM O-rings. Body made of corrosion-resistant gunmetal.
With the model with a female thread, it is possible to make a connection to a threaded pipe. With the model with compression fittings, a connection can be made to a copper, precision steel or multi-layer pipe. With the model with a male thread, it is also possible to make a connection to a plastic pipe using compression fittings. Versions with Viega press connection (15 mm) with SC-Contur are suitable for copper, Viega Sanpress stainless steel and Prestabo steel pipes.
Permitted operating temperature TB 120°C (248°F), with press connection TB 110 °C (230°F).
Permitted operating pressure PB 10 bar.

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